Sponsorship Report 

Sponsoring Cogeco Stars Among Us – Oakville Arts Awards ensures that the Oakville Arts Council can continue to champion artistic development, while sustaining and fostering community engagement in the arts.  This event showcases the incredible talent of Oakville’s artists and arts organizations, while providing fees and honorariums to support our artists in their craft.  Cogeco Stars Among Us was held on September 20, 2012 and we were pleased to raise more than $31,500 (gross) through sponsorship, ticket sales and our auction.  Raising these funds help the Oakville Arts Council to provide over $6,500 towards honorariums and artist fees, as well as deliver services to our community. 

In 2012, thanks to the support from our sponsors, members, patrons, and volunteers, we were able to:

Award five local artists with cash honorariums:

  • Young Artist Award recipient = Mira Meikle
  • Digital Arts Award recipient = Stephanie Faye
  • Performing Arts Award recipient = Krista Earle
  • Literary Arts Award recipient = Crystal Smith
  • Visual Arts Award recipient = Lynn Borysiuk

Present and support a variety of outstanding Oakville talent:

  • Studio 1 Jazz Orchestra
  • Colin Brennan - vocalist
  • Annie Drysdale - vocalist
  • Mira Meikle - vocal/pianist
  • Whiskey Epiphany - performance
  • Sarah Anne Wolkowski - saxaphone
  • Krista Earle - vocalist
  • Andrew Cole & John Bride - vocals/guitar

Produce a show with an incredible production team, including:

  • Executive Producer: Megan Whittington
  • Artistic Director: Pamela Keywan
  • Producer: John O’Hara
  • TVCOGECO Station Manager: Ben Lyman
  • TVCOGECO Producers: James Spalding and Joey Ricottone
  • TVCOGECO Volunteer Crew
  • Engineering of Sounds & Lights: Ken Augustine and Paul Roseneck
  • Branding, Marketing & PR: Bernadette Ward
  • Finalist Films: Alex Ragozzino
  • Sound Operator: Eric Babbett
  • Choreographer: Katrina Everingham
  • Actors & Crew: Howard Lopez, Virginia McEwen, Tara Burt, Ray Chisholm, Lisa Giordano-Hoehn, Ainsley and Alana Cherry, Abby Lewis, David, Naomi and Abigail Whittington
  • Auction Pro Experts
  • Photography: Peter C. McCusker

A huge thank you to all the supporters of the event, the volunteers and professionals that helped to make the 2012 Cogeco Stars Among Us a memorable evening for all.  Please take this opportunity to read through the Benefits / Recognition and In the News on the right side of this page. You will find these bullets are linked to further documentation that shows you how your company was profiled.

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