Town of Oakville Cultural Grants

 Administered through the Oakville Arts Council


The Grants Review Committee is commissioned by and responsible to the Board of Directors of the Oakville Arts Council. It is responsible for making recommendations on the distribution of Town of Oakville grants to cultural organizations.




Each year the Town of Oakville makes operating and project grants available to qualified not-for-profit cultural organizations. The Oakville Arts Council, on behalf of the Town of Oakville, administers the cultural grant program. Applications are reviewed by an arm’s length Grants Review Committee, convened by the Oakville Arts Council.  Recommendations are presented to the Town’s Budget Committee and then to Town Council for approval. The Grants Review Committee is commissioned by and responsible to the Board of Directors of the Oakville Arts Council.  

Prior to applying, please review the following:

Applying for funding is done in two stages:

1. Statement of Interest or Final Report (deadline: Friday, September 19, 2014 by 4 p.m.)
2. Applications (deadline: Friday, October 24, 2014 by 4 p.m.)

We have revised the process for submitting Statement of Interest / Final Reports.  This process will make it easier to track statistics, in effort to advocate for further funding to this program.  Your information is extremely important to improving the case for arts funding going forward. We encourage you to write your answers in the appropriate word document linked below.  Once you have completed your working draft, you are ready to cut and paste these answers directly into the appropriate on-line form.  If you have any difficulty filling in this form, please contact Bernadette Ward at 905-815-5977 or email

Forms and Samples:

For First Time Applicants For Returning Applicants


If you received funding in 2014, you do not need to submit a Statement of interest form. 
However, you must complete your Final Report prior to submitting an application.
The Application Form will be sent to you once we have reviewed your Final Report. 

The Grants Review Committee will review each Statement of Interest and invite the new organizations, whose programs/projects merit interest, to proceed with submitting the more detailed grant Application.


Statements of Interest / Final Reports received after the deadline (or incomplete) will not be accepted. 

Recognition of Town funding: If your group has received Cultural Grants funding, please contact for a copy of the appropriate logo to be used in publications/promotions. 
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