About Us

The Oakville Arts Council is a not-for-profit charitable organization that serves a membership of artists, arts organizations, and the general public, as an arts information service in Oakville. We exist to foster and sustain community engagement in the arts while championing artistic development. By enabling local artists and arts organizations and encouraging participation in the arts we enrich the creative life of our town. The arts are vital to achieving a healthy, innovative and vibrant community.


Oakville has a vibrant artistic community and the Oakville Arts Council leads and represents arts and culture in Oakville.


The Oakville Arts Council will sustain and foster the community’s engagement in the arts and champion artistic development.

Our Goals

The Arts are Valued

We offer our community opportunities to connect with our members to learn how to create or participate in the arts.

  • Online arts market
  • Arts Brochure Racks program
  • Digital media program
  • Arts event calendar
  • In-the-Arts weekly listing
  • Artist directory
Artists are Respected

We provide services designed to encourage professional development and foster creative collaboration.

  • Creative Connections monthly networking
  • Workshops and consulting
  • Resource and referral
  • Information sharing
  • Arts space inventory

Oakville Arts Sector is Supported

We develop strong relationships in the community, recognize our local talent and search for innovative solutions to the many challenges facing our sector.

  • Cultural Grants Program
  • Grant Connect subscription access
  • Arts sector advocate

Phone: (905) 815-5977  |  Email: artscouncil@oakville.ca  |  Address: 2302 Bridge Road, Oakville, ON, L6L 2G6

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