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Cultural Grants

Administered through the Oakville Arts Council

Each year since 1989, the Town of Oakville has provided operating and project grants to qualified not-for-profit cultural organizations. The Oakville Arts Council, on behalf of the Town of Oakville administers this process at-arms length, with the applications reviewed by the Cultural Grants Review Committee commissioned by and responsible to the Board of Directors of the Oakville Arts Council.  Over the past 33 years, 78 cultural organizations in Oakville have benefited from support of approximately $3.2 million. 

Information for applicants:

how to apply for funding

Returning Grantees:

Organizations that received funding in 2023 must complete a Final Report (due September 2023) prior to applying for 2024 funding. Once your final report is approved, you will be invited to apply for 2024 funding. You will receive confirmation via email and the application will be available to you in the AMS/OAC grant portal. The application deadline for 2024 funding will be in late fall of 2023.

New Applicants:

If this is the first time applying for funding from this program, or if you have not applied in the previous year(s), please contact Bernadette Ward via email at or by phone at (905) 815-5977 to discuss the eligibility criteria before completing an application.

    2023 Grant Recipients

     Organization  2023 Allocation
     Art Council (OTMH)   $8,086.95 
     Arthouse Oakville  $8,500.00
     Bandology  $8,086.95 
     Burl Oak Theatre Group  $5,586.95 
     Canadian Croatian Choral Society $4,087.00
     Circle of Harmony $5,586.95
     High Rendition Jazz $3,651.95
     Intrada Brass $4,087.00
     Joshua Creek Heritage Arts  Centre $8,586.95
     Masterworks of Oakville $7,086.95
     Oakville Arts Society $6,000.00
     Oakville Camera Club $7,086.95
     Oakville Chamber Orchestra $8,086.95
     Oakville Chinese Network  Society $6,086.95
     Oakville Choral Society $7,086.95
     Oakville Festivals of Film & Art $8,500.00
     Oakville Improv $9,086.95
     Oakville Oriental Arts Club $3,087.00
     Oakville Sculptors & Woodcarvers Guild $1,035.00
     Oakville Suzuki $5,000.00
     Oakville Symphony $9,086.95
     Oakville Symphony Youth Orchestra $5,000.00
     Oakville Vocal Arts Festival $4,586.95
     Oakville Wind Orchestra 
     Tempus Choral $6,586.95
     The Oakville Children's Choir $7,086.95
     The Oakville Players $4,586.95
     The World of Threads Festival $8,086.95
     Yuan Yin Group


     Jury Honorariums $1,500.00

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