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Volunteer Management Resources

Imagine Canada

Offers programs and provides resources that help strengthen charities and their operations so they can, in turn, support the communities they serve.

Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement

The Code is a framework for involving volunteers in all levels of an organization. This includes volunteers working in leadership, direct service and virtual roles.

Volunteer Canada

Volunteer Canada is the national voice for volunteerism in Canada. Since 1977, we have been committed to increasing and supporting volunteerism and civic participation. We collaborate closely with volunteer centres, local organizations and national corporations to promote and broaden volunteering.

Volunteer Halton

Located in Burlington and serving the Halton Region, Volunteer Halton is an advocate and catalyst for volunteerism, providing leadership and support for volunteer efforts to build the capacity of the community. Within the Halton community, Volunteer Halton supports nonprofit agencies with training, a volunteer online matching program, consulting and the promotion of volunteerism such as Volunteer Week celebrations.

5 Ways to Mismanage Volunteers

Mismanagement of volunteers cost the organization their most precious resource: people. Don't make these mistakes!

Motivating Volunteers

Motivation is what gives the volunteer a reason to step up. We can create opportunities to volunteer that are designed meet the needs of our supporters, or we can remove the barriers that might keep them from volunteering.

Harbourfront Case Study

This case study highlights Harbourfront Centre’s process of adopting the Code, and can be used as an example for organizations considering adopting the Code, or for those that have already adopted the Code and are interested in reviewing their current practices.


Microvolunteering Day is recognised every year on April 15th and promotes awareness of the microvolunteering concept and how it can benefit worthy causes and individuals in their efforts to better the world via bite-sized actions.

Canadian Journal for Volunteer Managers

The Canadian Journal of Volunteer Resources Management (CJVRM) is a nonprofit publication highlighting the management of volunteer services in Canada

Volunteer in the Arts Abroad

Working in music, dance, and drama by teaching, leading workshops and productions, recording and producing local music, and more with children and adults.

Developing a Volunteer Program

One of the best ways to recognize volunteers is to have a well-run program, here are some recommendations for essential steps.

Creating a Volunteer Handbook

Many volunteers appreciate having a volunteer handbook that explains their role, how their contributions relate to the organization's key objectives and "how do I?" answers.

Volunteer Handbook Template

This template offers a proposed outline for a volunteer handbook. Each section contains information about why the section is important, suggestions for what should be included, and tips on how to write the section.

Volunteer Managers Profile

The Canadian Centre for Philanthropy commissioned Environics Research Group to conduct a national survey of managers of volunteers. In this report, we use data from this survey to present a profile of the volunteer management profession in Canada.

Volunteer Canada Recognition Study

How do Canadians want to be recognized for their volunteer contributions? Volunteers want to be thanked and shown how they have made a difference – they want to know the impact of their contributions.

Volunteer Programs and the Law

A workshop prepared for and presented to the Oakville Arts Council by Volunteer Toronto, April 13, 2016.

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